My LV fix of December


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Jul 3, 2006
This morning I went to Salzburg's LV boutique to buy myself a portemonnaie in Monogram Canvas. You have to know I'm one of those everything-must-match people, it's crazy and sad at the same time.

So I decided to buy the Portemonnaie Plat, because the Portemonnaie Gousset is no longer available. I told the SA that they could have kept the Gousset and should have never invented that hideous Schilling.

Lol, anyway my SA finished her trial months, and is now a fully-fledged SA, but she still has problems in understanding what I want. Sometimes it's not easy at all to deal with her. Like last time I asked for the Pochette Cles in Azur and she came with the Pochette Accessoires...

I had a look at the new perforated belts, and sadly I was not very impressed. The Louis Vuitton perforated belt in black is made of very flimsy (to me) and plastic-feeling-at-the-touch leather, so I won't buy that. The Monogram perforated belts are nicer, but the boutique did not have them in brown, so I'll wait until January.

My SA told me not to wait too long, for in February 2007 there will be another price increase. READ: she only talked about Austria/Europe and she did not tell me what ranges' prices will be increased. I'll ask her again in January.

That was all. Ah yes, I don't have any pictures to show you, because the portemonnaie is still at the boutique waiting for its heat-stamping. The SA told me that when the new merchandise arrives (every Tuesday at my boutique), they are not allowed to heat-stamp. Sounds like crazy talk, I know, but like I said, my SA is not completely normal/proficient in German/whatever.
Enjoy your new present! Didn't know that Salzburg even had an LV, it didn't last time I was there...Love your city, especially at holiday time.

Don't feel bad about not understanding your SA, lots of us have that problem...