My LV family

  1. I finally got new shelves for my bedroom and now have a nice place to store my babies :yahoo:

    So I thought now would be the perfect time, to finally show my collection to the public :shame: I've always put it off since my LV were all over the place so far :sweatdrop:

    Enjoy! :flowers:


    Top Shelf from left to right:
    - Vernis Broome Wallet in Beige
    - Damier Naviglio
    - Damier Pochette Wallet
    - Mono Speedy 35 with Panda Cles and Pochette Extender (I use it as a key ring)
    - LV Domino
    - LV Multicolore Playing Cards
    - LV Stamps (Centenaire de la toile Louis Vuitton)
    - Carnet de Voyage Tokyo (can't really see it it, the yellow book begind the speedy)
    - Carnet de Voyage London
    - Carnet de Voyage New York
    - Bandeau Groom in Red

    Bottom Shelf from left to right:
    - Epi Agenda PM in black
    - Epi Petit Noé in yellow
    - Obsession Carré Sunnies in black
    - not LV, but Murakami Cherry Blossom Bandana
    - Panda Pochette
    - Pochette Charms in fuchsia
    - LV hair cubes in turquoise and dark brown
    - Epi Pochette in yellow
    - LV City Guides 2001
    (- and two of my SOs watches, he wouldn't let me have all the space ... lol)



    I only started in July 2006 with the Mono Speedy and have been hooked ever since. :love:
  2. Wow! :drool: looove your naviglio!
  3. Gorgeous collection Kittie, Congrats :yahoo:

    Hope you find the pics of the solar eclipse :smile:
  4. Great Collection! Wish I could display mine that way!
  5. lovely collection!
  6. So sweet :smile:! love your collection :heart:
  7. Thank you everybody :shame:

    Feel free to drop me a line if you have questions or would like to see other pics :yes:

    Hi Roz *waves*

    I'm actually still looking for the pics, I asked SO but he didn't find them on his new PC yet since he has changed everything around :yucky: ... argh, men! .... but he just had to have a new system so he could play more .... I'll post them as soon as they are found
  8. Lovely Display :love:
  9. your LVs have their owns shelf?? cool!!!i :heart: the panda cles and pochette, they are so cute!!! thanks for sharing!!
  10. wowww!!! very nice...congrats!!! :tender:
  11. I love how you display them! What a good idea!
  12. Gorgeous collection...and so organized!
  13. Thanks everybody ... the shelves are actually from IKEA for like 8 bucks a piece :shame:

    So far I always had the bags, etc scattered around everywhere since I didn't have a proper spot to put them
  14. great collection, also awesome shelf system
  15. Love them ! I love that colour of Epi...its TDF ! and I love your panda. I was actually going to ask about the shelves but I did guess they were from Ikea lol :nuts: Im gunna have to get some of those :flowers: I love your whole collection !