My lv fam :)

  1. I promised you a picture so here it is...the picture did not come out great but its just an idea! Most of by bags are new with the exception of the pochette and the speedy..hope you like!!
  2. Great collection you've got going there!!!!
  3. Pretty collection
  4. Lovely collection.
  5. Where did you buy your Manhattan PM?
  6. garden state plaza in NJ
  7. What a beautiful family you have!
  8. tank u :smile: im knew to this im so proud and im proud of being able to post a picture correctly haha
    i 4got to post my damier speedy shame on me!
  9. Such great choices, beautiful!
  10. such yummy new vachetta! Great bags!!
  11. Is there anything inside your Pleaty? It looks so stiff! I can never get mine to stand up like that for a photo :lol:
  12. haha its stuffed at the bottom a little and i leaned on the other one haha otherwise it plops haha
  13. Beautiful bags. Great choices.
  14. Very pretty! I have the Manhattan PM and I love it!!
  15. Nice collection!