My LV Fake?? I dont think so!!

  1. So i was on the "Mile" in Chicago going from store to store and this woman
    stopped me. She said "Dont you feel bad carrying around a fake?" I was
    carrying my Mono Speedy 25. I said kindly " You must be mistaken my purse
    is not fake. Then she started to get loud and said "Yes its it because my
    daughter has that purse and hers looks so different" By this time her
    daughter walked up and i saw what she meant by It looking different. It was
    FAKE!!!The LV's were the same way on both sides, the tag on the side
    just said Vuitton and it had the fake yellow hanging tag on it. I just laughed
    and said yeah you right about it being different!! So i pulled out my LV
    reciept that i keep in all my purses and showed it to her. Then I said this
    proves this is real and next time you try to confront someone make sure
    her purse is real like mine!
  2. omg this happened to me too..: :yes: i used to carry my receipts with me at all times but then i realized i just don't give a sh*t what they think as i long as i know it's real that's all the matters :p .. they just jealous co'z they can't have what we have. :yahoo:
  3. i would've hit her and her daughter in the face with it and asked if that felt real.
  4. Sorry too, that this happened to you.

    Its really bad when we have to carry reciepts with us to prove something is real and any more, reciepts can be faked too. :cursing: :hysteric: I don't think it will be long before people will carry fake reciepts :push: :sos: :smash: . You have to ignore ridiculous people who don't know a fake from an authenitc. Its really pitiful. You know its real and, its been said time and time again, thats all that matters.
  5. Awesome come back! I hope she went away with her tail between her legs:smile:

    Some people :shrugs:

  6. Greatest response ever. I think she deserved it though!
  7. i didn't know people carried receipts...

  9. hahah I can't believe people would just go up to strangers like that! sure put her in her place...did u tell her her daughter's bag was fake?! i would have..she should feel bad buying her daughter fake bags..

  10. hahah omg i love you, you make me laugh lol
  11. oh...feel sorry this happened to you....
  13. Ew! People like that are gross! I love your response, sorry you even had to give one though....people nowadays!
  14. If I was on the mile - fairly close to Louis Vuitton I would have suggested going in to the store together and would be happy to see whose bag was real - loser buys coffee at Starbucks! That's unbelievable - I can't believe people are so lacking in class. Do you suppose she honestly thought her daughter's bag was real!???
  15. Your parting words should've been :

    "Don't you feel bad that your daughter carries a fake?"