My LV experience yesterday!!

  1. Following on from my thread about "do u dress up to into the LV store"... i put my experiment to the test... i wore my work clothes (black skinny jeans and a russell crowe t-shirt) i looked like such a rock chick :sick:
    anywho, so i walked in.. and the male SA greeted me within 10 seconds.. i walked up the stairs and took a look around and a female SA acknowledged me and said she would be with me soon... i was very impressed, i know from working in retail that sometimes it can be hard to acknowledge people when ur serving other customers.
    so.. she came over to me and asked me if i would like to have a look at something, told her i wanted the Black MC Wapity... she looked at me strangely (i was thinking OMG did i just call it the wrong name) haha then she said.. i have one in white but i dont know if i have any black left :sad: i was sad.. i had my heart set on it.. she took me over to the MC counter.. and sure enough there was ONE left in the drawer.. they are a lot smaller than i thought they were, but i fit my 40GB Ipod into it!! and there was still some room left.. so i was SOLD on that item..
    then i made her pull out like EVERY koala wallet in the store.. lol poor woman.. but she was sweet about it.. she kept suggesting other lines like Epi.. as soon as i would say "hmm nah im not really into Epi" she would put it away and not ask any more q's.. very attentive. So i thought i might get the Koala in Vernis but wasnt too impressed with the high maintenanceness of it.. she only had noisette in stock.. i said i wanted Indigo (I AM CERTAIN I SAW INDIGO ON ELUX) and she said it didnt come in Indigo... i asked if she was certain b/c it was on elux... she ended up ordering a framboise for me, as well as a framboise cles (there was one left and it was on hold :sad:)
    so.. i ended up with the Black MC wapity and The birth of modern Luxury book i had on order... and she kept asking if they were gifts, im like NO just for me... hahaha but she wrapped them in tissue and in boxes with the leather string and in the bag!!!!!! and it weighed A TONNE... that book was so damn heavy, my arm nearly broke off walking to the car.... she walked me all the way to the door too !!! so sweet !!!!!! i will definitely go back to her again, she was not rude at all or snobby !! even though i was wearing a Russell Crowe shirt !!! LOL she was prob thinking WHAT THE ??!?!???

    i took pics but i cant upload them for some reason, i will try again... PICS TO COME!!!!
  2. Nice. I love to hear other's good shopping experiences.

  3. My SA just called me now to say that my framboise Koala has arrived !!! i have my heart set on Indigo (even though she said it doesnt exist) but i swear i saw it on elux last week. Can someone confirm ??
  4. what a good experience and tis nice to know that your local lv doesnt descriminate against what someones wearing
  5. I was wondering what happened with your lil experiment. Wow, Very interesting! Thanks for the update. Congrats on your LV purchases. Enjoy!!!!! ;)
  6. I've found LV on Collins St Melbourne to be very nice. The dude opens the door for you and greets you politely (no attitude), SAs will smile at you and one will approach and ask if you would like assistance. I don't put on anything special when I go in there. Don't feel intimidated. They're there to make money off you:smile:

    The Crown store I've only been to twice and they're ok there. Not overly nice nor stuck-up. Quite helpful if you ask qns.
  7. I went to Collins St.... yeh the doorman was sweet..

    this sounds realllllllly stupid... but everytime i go to Crown, i can NEVER find the LV store.... LOL i go where the hotel entrance is, sure enough there is a Burberry and Versace... but where the hell is LV ???
    and i have been to Crown like 1 bazillion times...
  8. LOL! I get what you're saying! My friend and I both couldn't find it the first time we looked. We even asked the information guy - twice!:shame:

    It's only a small store so I don't go there a lot. Last time I was there was prolly, hmm, wow 2yrs ago! Ok, from what I can remember.. you know the hotel area? Where they sometimes have exhibitions or floor shows (like during Christmas), that kinda thing? It's kinda near there or just before there, tucked in a corner/alcove. ARGH, it's hard to explain. That's why we had to ask the info guy twice, lol!
  9. So nice to hear that! Thank you for sharing!!!
  10. oh like where they have those lighting shows with the chandelier things ??? oh i get where ur saying... so its not on the side i thought it was.... hmmmm ok... good to know !!!

    one thing that bugged me about LV... when i was looking at the wallets, she would only suggest wallets they had on hand... but i really wanted to look at their whole range, thats why i was so undecided on the koala!!!
  11. Yeah, the lighting show thingies:biggrin:. Ok, I did a bit of investigating.. It's on the opposite corner to Burberry. Go to here:

    And click on "View Level". On the ground level all the way on the LHS of the map is Burberry. LV is to the right of it:smile: Not that that's gonna help much when u actually go there, lol! I dunno why but it's hard to find!

    Are u gonna get the framboise wallet? I love that colour. I think Vernis does come in indigo blue that you mentioned coz the LV site did show a bag that had that colour but not sure if the Koala was made in indigo.. I'm pretty sure if you spotted it on eLux the other day, that you are not dreaming. The SA prolly didn't know as much as you;).
  12. i dont know... im the kind of person that throws a wallet into the bottom of my bag and forgets about it.... so i dont think the framboise is the best for me.... i soooo cant decide, and shes holding the wallet for me... i will have to ring and tell her not to hold it coz i cant decide
  13. I'm so happy to hear that you had great experience with LV today! Congrats on your new purchases!
  14. Wow, I love to hear stories about their visits to the LV boutique. My experience had always been mixed. I generally received better service when I'm in my regular, street clothes.
  15. i just checked my credit card balance, i havent been charged for my purchases yesterday... thats not right is it ?