My LV Collection

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  1. I finally got the hang of posting pics on the Forum, so please let me indulge myself...posting pics crazy right now! Here is my beloved LV Collection :love:.
  2. I love the ribera and the wapity !!

    You should post your pictures to the bag collection subforum as well !! ;)
  3. Yes, post there, too. :idea: I :love: your collection. A lot of great pieces and a lot of variety.
  4. great collection! i love your epi alma! thanks for sharing :smile:
  5. Such A Beautiful Collection!!!
  6. Love the Alma!
  7. very nice.
  8. what size is your speedy??? is it 40?
  9. No, it's the 35. I tried the 40, it was too big for ME (5'2", size 14-16) as an everyday bag. I love, love, love big bags!
  10. Thank you all for your positive comments :love: !
  11. WHAT a BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION!:biggrin: I love every piece you have! You have great taste and that multicolor cell phone strap is absolutely adorable!

  12. Wonderful collection! Love your Alma and Ribera! Great taste in bags!
  13. Very nice. :nuts:
  14. nice nice!! :smile:
  15. Love your collection! Your Bbags are nice, too! :amuse: