My LV Collection

  1. Finally took everything out and took pictures. I forgot about the keepall so I took a seperate picture of it. Enjoy.
    LV%20Purse%20Collection%20003.jpg LV%20Purse%20Collection%20004.jpg
  2. great collection!
  3. Gorgeous collection!
  4. What a great collection...Thanks for sharing!!!!
  5. wow, great collection
  6. great collection! love the mini pleaty!
  7. Very nice :biggrin:!
  8. great collection!
  9. awesome collection! congrats!
  10. LVOE your LVs!
  11. What a beautiful collection!
  12. nice collection. love the ceries speedy.
  13. What an absolutely gorgeous collection! Love the Cerises Speedy and the Shirley especially!
  14. Gosh that is some collection - wow - congrats and thanks for posting
  15. great lvs!