My LV Collection

  1. Great collection! :smile:
  2. :heart::love::love::love:Love all your goodies. Thanks for sharing and enjoy.
  3. LVoe your vernis bags:smile:

  4. Oh geez! I forgot my Daisy sunglasses! lol


    Thanks so much everyone!
  5. ssv003 :urock: marvelous collection indeed!! Oooh, your Mono Rayures :ps: looking forward for the upcomings...
  6. Thank you so much!! You're so sweet! Can't wait to post more :smile:
  7. Your Collection is Beautiful :smile:. I regret not purchasing the LE Mono Rayures NF :sad: I want one so bad :/

  8. i loved this one esp :ps: :ps:
  9. Wow you have a beautiful collection. There's not one piece that's not amazing. I'm sure you enjoy them every day :smile:
  10. I really love your collection! So diverse and inspiring :smile: Thanks for sharing!
  11. Beautiful collection! :flowers:
  12. Beautiful collection❤
  13. Such a beautiful collection!! Thank you so much for sharing!! About your does it compare to the NF MM - is it a little bit wider? I've considered the Siracusa GM because I love the handles and the cross body option.
  14. Well that's a great question since I love them both equally! :biggrin:

    In my Siracusa I can fit my 15" Macbook Pro Retina display in the bag with its neoprene case on (though it's a bit tight), papers and files, organizer mono wallet, iPod, some medicine, sunglasses in their case, my phone of course and some other stuff that I'm probably forgetting to mention here.

    It's really wonderful, though. I actually initially got a defective one. Of course they repaired it in a few weeks. Now my lovely Siracusa has a really sturdy zipper, so I'm not worried about messing it up anytime soon. It's seriously amazing, and I love how it has a zipper--I would never worry if I'd get caught in the rain, you know? It's great for cross body, too!

    As far the NF goes, it's great, but I think the Siracusa is a better longterm option, especially if you need a zipper and cross body option. I think it's a less common bag and is really elegant. Perfect for summer and spring.

    Any other questions? Please let me know! :smile:
  15. GREAT collection !!