My LV Collection

  1. I don't know if anyone cares but I've been wanting to take pics of my whole LV collection (and all my bags but I will post that elsewhere). So here goes...

    My Whole LV Family (Minus my Myrtille Checkbook cover because I forgot that it was in my wallet:


    My Speedys:

    My Damier Family:


    My Epi Family:


    Prior to October of this year I only had my little mono speedy 25. Everything I bought since then. Eep!
  2. I don't know how else to post pics so i hope those are ok...
  3. i love the myrtille speedy! great collection you have there
  4. Yummy!!!
  5. Beautiful collection!!
  6. Lovely Epi Speedy and I adore your whole collection :heart:
  7. thanks guys! i need to get used to the epi speedy. i love it but the opening is so tight and the bag in general is so small....
  8. I love your epi collection!
  9. WOW...that's really nice collection!:love:
    I love them all, especially your Myrtille YUMMMM! :drool:
    Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  10. What a wonderful collection. :heart: that Myrtille Speedy.
  11. i posted my whole bag collection in the showcase area if anyone's interested :wlae:
  12. great collection
  13. Very nice, love the groom pieces. You can also add the pictures to the collection thread in the reference subforum ! :yes:
  14. ooh cool thanks! i added my damier pic to the damier club :yahoo:
  15. nice collection