my LV collection

  1. here's my LV collection if anyone is interested! i'm new to the forum so please be gentle with me if i have posted them in the wrong place x picture 1 - back row - Alma, vernis thompson (i think), montsouris backpack. front fow - jeune fille, papillon 26, multicolour murakami belt. picture 2 - back row - borneo green epi pochette, murakami panda pochette limited edition, cherry pochette w extender. middle row - pochette old style no d ring, murakami black pochette, flotentine pochette. front row - murakami wish bracelet, blue epi wish bracelet, pochette cles, wallet and coin purse. thanks for looking!
    ebay 141.jpg ebay 142.jpg
  2. Wow, you have a nice collection. Thanks for posting pics and welcome to the pf:yahoo:
  3. Welcome to the Forum :flowers:
  4. Thanks for the pictures!! The patinas are just beautiful on your bags!
  5. thanks to all for nice comments. as to the patina, i love new LV bags but as there are so many fakes out there where the straps aren't even leather i like my bags to look a bit aged and authentic. plus i have a young baby so can't be too precious with things unless they wipe clean!
  6. i love everything! especially that green epi pochette, the color is fabulous!
  7. Welcome to the forum ! :smile:

    Let me know if you'd like your thread moved to the collection forum - and you could also add bags that aren't Louis Vuitton as well !
  8. love your green epi pochette!
  9. You have a great LV collection and such a beautiful patina on your bags.
  10. Love your LV's - escpecially your pouchettes!:P
  11. Nice collection! I love your Panda pochette.
  12. Welcome To The Purse Forum! Such A Beautiful Collection.....Thank You So Much For Sharing!!! :smile:
  13. Welcome to the forum!:flowers: Thanks for sharing your lovely collection(loove the Panda and Cerises pouchettes!!!)!:heart:
  14. Welcome!!!
  15. welcome! and nice collection!
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