my lv collection

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  1. i can't believe what i did, i got all this bag in 6 month, am i crazy

  2. Wow! All this in 6 months? Yes, you are crazy, LV crazy that is!!! LOL

  3. I certainly hope that you have some money left for food :graucho:.

    Awesome collection!
  4. WHOAAAAAAAAA....... cool!!!! Don't forget to save some money for your future. Anyway... great collection.
  5. OMG..:wtf:...nice collection:drool:
  6. Lol yes you are crazy! That's a big haul in 6 months. Have fun carrying them! Love the Mandarin Epi Speedy :smile:
  7. Wow, great collection! So colorfull! I gues you got some pre-owned ones, like the croissant, so you're not that crazy!:nuts:
  8. wow 6 months omg that is quite a haul .. love them all .. love the mandarin speedy .. are most of them brand new from store of second hand from ebay ?? They all look new
  9. I had to re-read what the OP had written and double-check the photo attached! AMAZING! Whatta massive haul! I'd be flat broke if I purchased that many LVs in a 6 month period...

    Well done!!! :tup::woohoo:
  10. Wow, what an amazing haul, congrats!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  11. OMG!!! all those gorgeous bags :woohoo: I specially love the Jasmins.
  12. Awesome collection! love the jasmins! Which ones do like or use the most?
  13. gorgeous!!!! you started off with a bang i see...
  14. Great collection! I love all of the epi's.
  15. Lovin' the 6 Speedys, the Pont Neuf, and the Lussac!