My LV collection

  1. Hello everybody.
    Just wanted to share my little collection of LV's.
    This is my collection:

    Black Multicolor Coin Purse
    Black Multicolor Bolougne
    Black Multicolor S Lock Bracelet
    White Multicolor Key and Change Holder
    mcbrome.jpg mcbbolougne.jpg mcbbracelet.jpg mcwcles.jpg
  2. The last 2 items:

    Monogram Tikal PM
    White Multicolor Bookmark.

    And a pic of all of them together :heart:
    tikal.jpg mcwbook.jpg entirecollection2.jpg
  3. Nice MC collection you have...
  4. yummm, muiltcolour!

    love the patina with the white cles!
  5. what a lovely collection!
  6. Oops.. it should have been this pic.
    But now you have seen my Dior and Balenciaga bags too :yes:
  7. love all your stuff!
    the balenciaga is tdf
  8. What a gorgeous collection!!! :nuts:
    I love your Tikal cute!:tender:
    Anyway, your BBag is FAB! :drool:
    Thanks for sharing. :flowers:
  9. great collection! lovely patina on all of your items! x
  10. What a lovely collection!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  11. Great collection!
  12. Lovely!
  13. Great!
  14. u have a great mc collection....i like ur white bbag :smile:
  15. Very nice collection!