My LV Collection...

  1. I have been meaning to do this since i joined and finally got around to it. My small but ever growing :smile: collection. My azur 25 should arrive on March 7th, can wait to add her to the collection.:love:

  2. great collection! i love your perfo speedy.
  3. wow love your collection! esp perfo speedy :heart: thanks for sharing x
  4. Nice! For some reason that pic of the perfo speedy is looking pretty darn good to me. It's the best pic of one yet.
  5. I love that Perfo. I want it!
  6. thanks everyone! that perfo speedy is the 3rd bag i got, and its actually my favorite one! i dont know if i will ever get one that i love more! I bought it in Las Vegas at the Ceasar Palace LV last June and i used it every single day until this February when i got my mono riveting and look how great it still looks!
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Love the croissant! I've got the smaller one. :smile:
  9. Great collection!
  10. Nice! I love that fuchsia Perfo Speedy.
  11. Love your collection, especially that perfo speedy and the mono rivets.:love:
  12. I love your collection!!
  13. gorgeous! i love your perfo speedy
  14. very lovely collection and thank you for sharing!
  15. Lovely Collection :love: