My LV Collection - THE RARE & UNUSUAL

  1. I started a new thread wanting to share with you all some of my precious collection. Pls see pic attached. They are:

    1. Innsbruck (from FW06 Men's collection)
    2. Tobago Shoe Bag (from SS06 Men's collection)
    3. Chains Messenger (from SS06 Women's collection)
    4. LV World Cup Carryall (Very limited! Only 150 pcs made and available only in Germany celebrating 2006 Germany World Cup event)
    5. Graffiti 30 Speedy (I haven't used it. As you can see the handles are still wrapped)
    6. Miroir Gold Alma (I just love it love it love it)

    P.S. I'm a man... but I have the heart for LV:rolleyes:
  2. Love the shoe bag and the carryall!

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. GORGEOUS pieces!!!:love: Thank you for sharing and welcome to tPF.:flowers:
  4. Wow - I love all the unusual pieces! Take that Graffiti speedy out and show it off - it's terriffic. Welcome to TPF. :balloon:
  5. Oooh love your collection :love: thanks for sharing!
  6. that is an unusual collection! i love it!
    that insbruck is just KILLING my bf right now! i know he wants it BAD!
  7. beautiful collection!!
  8. pretty! thanks for sharing!
  9. Dear all my fellow LV lovers,

    I have just taken photos of some of my most most favorite LV bags... now I am consolidating all my bags and show them here...

    They are:
    1. The Astrakhan Limited Edition Carryall - VIP Exclusive, only 10 pieces made worldwide!!

    For more info of this bag, see my other thread here:\

    2. Isfahan mini monogram carryall - from SS05 men's collection

    3. Vail blanket handbag - NEVER released! from FW06 men's runway show piece

    4. My briefcases which I switch carry to work - left is EPI voyage (discontined color) and right is Rivoli (discontinued!) [​IMG]

    5. Nomade Neguev briefcase - discontinued! I love it very much that I never use it. It's still BRAND NEW)

    6. The tanger and sac plat families - the denim sac plat, ebene tanger, chains-charms tanger (NEVER release!!!), pillow tanger

    7. The messenger families - the ebene amman messenger and denim baggy GM

    8. The Keepall families - the monogram keepall 45 (with strap) and Randonnee (discontinued!)
  10. 9. The rare & unusual - the cabas innsbruck (from FW06 men show piece), tobago shoe bag (from SS06 men show piece), charms chains musette (from SS06 women show piece), LV worldcup carryall (150 pieces made only in Germany), graffiti speedy 30, and of course, gold miroir alma

    10. The LV cup reporter (limited edition)

    11. The Ouvea carryall (from SS06 men show piece, discontinued!)

    Pls give me some comments and let me know which one's the best!!

    Cheers...... :rolleyes:
  11. your collection is awesome!congrats!
  12. wow I love the gold alma, great collection!
  13. great collection!
  14. :drool: :drool: