1. Just wanna share with you all one of my precious LV collections. The ebene messenger bag from SS 2005 men runway.

    Pls give me some comments. I'll be posting more photos of my other LV collections from time to time.. cheers!
    eebene1.jpg eebene2.jpg eebene3.jpg
  2. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:
    Love your Ebene Messenger!
  3. The Amman is one of the messenger bags I have on my wishlist... especially in this color... :drool:

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Welcome and love the Ebene Messenger:love:
  5. Cool bag, congrats!!!
  6. very nice. Welcome :welcome:
  7. OMG!! The Amman is my favourite bag! Love it!!:heart:
  8. THe SS 2005 line is my favourite of the runway lines for men yet. :heart: It's wonderful.
  9. Gorgeous and very uncommon. :yes:
  10. I love that bag, so rare!
  11. I'm in love!
  12. beautiful
  13. very nice... thanks for sharing ;)
  14. It's lovely :yes:!
  15. Thanks for sharing pics of the Ebene Messenger! Look forward to seeing more of your collection :smile: