My LV collection so far..

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  1. Hi!

    Wanted to share some of my LV bags here
    am1.jpg wm1.jpg s1.jpg e2.jpg e1.jpg
  2. Ah cute, is that a St. Tropez in pepper ? I've always wanted one of those bags but they had to discontinue the shape on me !
  3. Lovely :biggrin: I have the MC agenda too :love: And a speedy 30, but yours is a 25, right?

    Thanks for sharing :smile:
  4. Very Nice collection Swedie !!
  5. Sweet! :love:
  6. Very nice!
  7. Cute collection!
  8. nice collection love the speedy
  9. Great collection! I love the Speedy! Is that a 25?
  10. You have a nice collection!
  11. Nice! I :heart: the agenda.
  12. Ok here goes.... more of my LV bags...
    smb1.jpg sd1.jpg sw1.jpg sp1.jpg
  13. Hi Everyone thank you for your compliments....

    As you can tell I've had my SUHALI phase.
    Despite being a LV fan I honestly am not a huge fan of the monogram patterns ... (Is that weird?)

    it's hard to explain... Perhaps it's because there are sooo many fakes that are hard to distinguish from the authentic ones...
  14. Yes my speedy shown above is a 25
  15. Yup!
    I loved this bag when it first came out but I have NEVER worn it!!! How weird am I...