My LV "collection" **PICS**


Sep 15, 2006
I finally got around to talking pics of my LV collection:love: , here they are.



I also have a Cerises Bandana, but I can't find it right now:sneaky: :s .
Hi Millemini! Great collection! I also love your black Epi Noe, and adore your Damier Alma! Great choices- very classic and timeless and go with everything. :P Do a lot of people in Norway carry LV's?
Thanks everybody :smile:

I'm a bit "boring" when it comes to LV. I don't think I'd ever go out and buy a Multicolore or other "flashy" item, although I think they look great on other people and in the store. I just can't seem to justify it to myself. I love my classic stuff though, and lately I've been drifting from the Monogram line, and more towards Damier and Epi.

Here in Norway there are some people that carry LV, mostly Monogram stuff though. And there are LOTS of fakes...:yucky: !