MY LV collection!!!! PICS

  1. Hello everyone,

    Here are some pics of my small collection. I am more of a luggage collector than handbags. My collection includes:

    Steamer Bag 45
    Alize 24 Heures
    Graffiti Speedy
    Damier Grimaud
    Damier Broadway

    *There's NO selling here and you may not link your eBay auctions either.
    CIMG07112.jpg CIMG071034.jpg
  2. You kept it in such lovely condition!!! I totally like your LV luggage as well.
  3. I love the luggage!
  4. Nice collection! Love your Damier Grimaud!:love:
  5. Great collection! I love your Steamer!!
  6. Very nice collection! I'm with Khoi, I love the Steamer as well!
  7. I love the Graffiti speedy! Thanks for the great pictures!
  8. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing!:heart:
  9. nice!
  10. Oooh, I saw that Graffiti Speedy on eBay just a short time ago :love:
  11. Very pretty! Love the graffiti!!
  12. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful collection!
  13. Wow, these are gorgeous!
  14. FABULOUS collection!!!:love: Thank you for sharing!:flowers:
  15. beautiful! and good luck with your auction.
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