My LV Christmas Gifts...

  1. My Christmas gift from my bf. I've been with him for almost 4 yrs and he never ever got me a purse knowing that my favorite=purse! Finally he decided to get me a purse for the first time since we've been together...i think it was worth the wait~ along with the cute shoes!!! im so in love with the shoes...i fell in love with it when i first saw it.:heart: Oh~ when you buy LV shoes, they take the shoe box and put the shoes in the LV box instead??? i saw SA taking the shoes outta orginal shoe box and put the shoes in the LV gift box. is that normal?
    Anyways....Hope you guys have memorable 07' Christmas!!!!
    christmas LV 011R.jpg christmas LV 010R.jpg
  2. Oh My God...How Gorgeous!!! They look beautiful together....You are one lucky lady and I'd agree that it was definately worth the wait. Congrats & Merry Christmas!!
  3. lucky you, congrats! they're gorgeous!
  4. Congrats...great gifts:love:
  5. Stunning!!Both are so Gorgeous!!
  6. Oooohh... you have one of the BEST bf's!!!!! Suhali is soooo sexy! Congrats!! :yahoo:

    As for the part on the SA taking the shoes out of the original shoe box into the gift box, yes, that's normal. The last time I purchased shoes they asked me if I wanted them in the original box or if I wanted them in a gift box.
    you have a cute Puppy, a terrific darling of a bf.. and an awesome bag + shoes... wow! :tup:
  8. OMG, they are gorgeous!!! yeah definitely worth the wait!! :biggrin:
  9. OH WOW! I love those shoes...the bag aint bad either!
  10. Holy moly...yes it's so worth the wait! both are so awesome! congrats!
  11. Both are gorgeous!!! Congrats and Enjoy...
  12. HOT shoes + HOT = sizzle sizzle! ;) lols congrats on your new gifts! they're absolutely GORGEOUS!!! :tender: :drinkup:
  13. he sure made up for the lost time! they're super gorgeous!!! congrats and merry xmas!
  14. what a sweetie... both the bag and the shoes are lovely... happy holidays!
  15. Congrats! So beautiful!