My LV canvas evolution


Sep 4, 2015
Saw a fun little thread in the Mulberry forum where people discussed how they changed their minds on a bag over time whether by seeing it in person, seeing them on tpf or just over time.

I'm pretty sure that like me, other people have learned or grown to love some of the LV canvas prints. Or the opposite!

I was all about Damier Azur a few years back until I grew tired of seeing it out of season (it will always be a seasonal print for me) and then switched to Damier Ebène. Then I got tired of the red interior (shocking!) and completely fell in love with the mono print that I previously thought was overdone and "tacky". The only prints I can't handle (yet) are the multicolour and the cherry print. I tolerate the blossom because I love sakura flowers but definitely would not see myself carrying an item from that line. I'm not in love with mon mono unless it's on SLGs atm, but I wonder if it'll grow on me.
So to summerize, my favourite is mono, followed with DE (still love it for SLGs).

What is your canvas evolution like? Do you like everything? Do you hate everything and only carry leather? Would love to know and why :smile:


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Nov 20, 2010
I have grown to love monogram, I had a soft spot for Damier Azur. But I loathe Damier Ebene for I don't care for the red interior or brown interior. And cannot really like the treated leather. I also thought ebene look boring at times. And I loathe Damier graphite for being boring color as a guy. But then I hated Monogram for it "too common". :rolleyes:

But now at the moment I come back to love with Monogram permanently. I think Monogram is classic and have always been a fan of vachetta leather with it. But I also applaud LV to use different leather other than vachetta. It great to take a different spin with it. I have also come to really love Damier Ebene for the graphic details, I also started to really love the red interior, now I come to understand why it so alluring. But I still cannot like the treated leather. I hope LV will completely replace the treated leather with Nomade or Taurillon leather someday, that would be a dream. If I ever get a bag in DE with the classic treated leather, I will always secretly despite the treated leather. :P
My opinion to the azur is the same. I love the look of azur and with vachetta leather. But sometime I wish LV would offer a navy blue or ivory or any cream tone colors for leather lining for the bags.

For the moment this how I would rate my favorite prints in order:
1. Monogram classic ( I am also counting Monogram Multicolor, and Maccassar with monogram classic)
2. Damier Azur
3. Damier Ebene-tie with cobalt
3. Damier Cobalt-tie with ebene (used to be in third place)
4. Damier Graphite (Though there are few pieces I do want)
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Aug 3, 2014
When Damier Graphite was released, I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I immediately purchased the original Tadao.

A couple of years later, I fell out of love with DG and thought it was just super boring and flat. So I sold my Tadao on eBay. I have never purchased anything else in DG.

I like Mono Macassar the best. I own several bags in that print/leather combination. I like Damier Ébène as well. Both very classic and timeless. I purchased a Damier Cobalt fold over messenger from the FW14 runway show and I love that bag too: DC is stunning.

Overall, I love most canvas prints available. What I love most about canvas bags is:
- their durability
- their lightweight
- their easy maintenance


Feb 21, 2010
I feel like I've grown to love a few I didn't really like! I think it always takes a particular product for me to go "wow, yep that's gorgeous"

Not a huge fan of monogram but VERY into the alma BB in monogram right now, saw a multicoloured monogram pre loved wallet and thought it was divine recently too!

Only fabric I've fallen out of love with a bit is vernis, I adored it for a long time now I find it kinda meh.


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Aug 8, 2009
I didn't care for DE when I first started to buy LV.

I thought it was too masculine...but, I bought a DE Speedy 30 and now, well, I love it! It's a little understated vs. mono (which I love as well!) and a lot easier to carry since there's no vachetta.

Anyway, that's my story!


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Aug 31, 2008
I used to buy a lot of Mono, I'd buy anything that's newly launched. But one day, my co-worker showed me all her DE bags and slgs, I fell in love and she told me how easy it was to carry. Now I only buy DE, not unless if there's a style I really like and it only comes in Mono. I still have not bought a bag in DA. I only have a few slgs in DA but they are with little or no vachetta leather.


Oct 13, 2008
I first fell for the classic monogram. It's classic and instantly recognizable. Then I wanted something different and moved onto the damier ebene line since it was a bit more subtle. Then the damier graphite line came out and I loved how masculine it looked. Now I'm going for the subtle sophisticated look of the taiga line.
Nov 25, 2013
I'll probably get shot down in flames for this but I really didn't like LV at all when I was younger. I thought it was a bit cheap looking and really hated the Monogram. :shame: OH still hates it.

After my Mulberry purse was starting to look a bit wrecked after a year of gentle use I decided to try other brands and kept coming back to LV for its robustness. Free delivery and returns made it a no brainer to try it and to be honest it was more affordable than I had imagined. My Monogram cles was delivered last Tuesday and I love it so much I am expecting my Mini Pochette in Mono to be delivered today :graucho: I want the ZCP too but maybe for my birthday in May.

I'm addicted and my Wishlist on now consists of about 13 items.:love: Oops!