My LV box drama...

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  1. #1 Oct 13, 2012
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    Hey guys :smile: First of all I'd like to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PurseForum :smile: I just registered a few days ago but I always come here to check the LV forums! And I'm so sorry for my bad english but Portuguese is my native language :shame:
    So... I'll try to explain my dilemma...
    I went to Orlando a couple months ago and I got my beautiful Speedy Bandouliere 35 in Damier Ebene that I've always wanted at the Mall At Milenia :woohoo:
    Since I'm from Brazil someone told me to get rid of the box and the paper bag so when I arrived in Brazil I wouldn't have any trouble with the airport customs.
    With lots of pain in my heart I left the box and the paper bag at my hotel room and I came using the bag as if it wasn't brand new so if anyone at the customs asked me I would just say that it wasn't new... our shopping limit in the US is USD $ 500 and the bag is double that, even more!

    Anyway, my problem is... I really want the box now! I just want to keep my whole LV experience!
    I went to the two LV stores in Sao Paulo, at the Oscar Freire store they told me the classic excuse "We're out of boxes now, sorry!".
    At the Iguatemi Mall store they were honest and told me that they couldn't provide me a box (even with me showing my receipt) because I didn't buy the bag at their store, which I think they were at their rights (at least they were being sincere).
    I've been trying to search on eBay for a box for A LONG TIME but I never come across a good box with the leather bows or the blue and yellow bow, NOTHING!


    I'M SORRY IF I'M NOT ALLOWED TO POST THIS HERE, I'm just trying my very last resource!

    I hope someone can help me out here! :cool:
  2. I'm so sorry that you didn't get a box, if you lived near me I would just give you one. I think you should try calling the store again and say that you really need it for storage purposes (even though you should not store it in the box). Try asking a manager, perhaps they'll be more flexible? Good luck and welcome to tpf! :hugs:
  3. Maybe u can try to ask if any members is getting too much of their box, can they can give you one ? Perhaps try the brazil club house to see any one is from you area
  4. How about ringing up the customer service? Say that you bought if from Orlando and didn't want the box at the time. I'm sure they'll send you one.
  5. Try again from other store. I bought my speedy b 35 from Singapore & didn't take the box home with me. When I went to LV Store in manila, I asked the SA for a box coz I told her that I didn't get any when I bought it in SG, I showed them the receipt, & she just gave me one, with no questions asked! c",)
  6. It differs from country to country. Some SA's just don't want to give the box even if you purchase at the store. The shop might not have it. Best if you ask someone who doesn't want the box lol..
  7. I completely understand your want for it, but to be honest after a little while it will just be in the way. You shouldn't store your bags in the boxes anyway, Try another store and say that you didn't receive a box when you bought it but you need it for temporary storage. Maybe even call the customer service number and say that exact thing, you might get lucky and they might send you one
  8. I agree. The box really isn't necessary. Enjoy your bag and try to forget about the box. X
  9. Haha, it's not about having the box for storage. It's about having it because it came with the bag and it's where you're 'supposed' to keep it when you don't use the bag.. I completely understand.

    Maybe tell them your box broke while moving it or something?
  10. Awwww! If you live near me I'd give you some boxes since they take up too much space in my closet. I always have to tell my SA 'NO BOX', LOL!
    Please don't store your bag in the box when you do get one since the leather needs to breathe or it will crack.
  11. You are never to keep your bags in the box. You are supposed to store and keep them in their dustbag or a pillow case. You will eventually damage your bag if stored in the box.
  12. REALLY?!
    haha i never knew this! I've always been too lazy to put it in the box and eventually just put them on a shelf covered with linen. That way it's easier to access, just flip the linen over if I need to look for a bag and cover it back when I've found it. No drama opening dust bags.

    I have friends who store them in the dustbag and box when they don't use their bags so I thought it was 'normal' for people to do that...
  13. Boxes are useless and you are not suppose to store your bags in their boxes. I recycled mine and always say no box.
  14. Hope your able to get your box Love. :smile:
  15. Maybe you could try saying the bag is a gift and you need a box to give it as a gift. It's not completely a lie, it was a gift to yourself lol.