My LV Birthday Goods :) with pics!


Animal Lover :)
Jan 4, 2008
North Carolina
Sorry for the delay in posting (my birthday was Aug. 6th) and my apologies for the long story.:shame: The Sunday before my birthday, DH and I took a 2 1/2 hr. road trip to the nearest LV Store. I had decided I wanted the Sweet Monogram earrings in white and purchased them. The following day, I tried on the earrings again, but just wasn't in LVoe with them.:sad: So I decided to take my birthday (the following Wed.) off from work and made the trip to return the earrings. While at the store, I saw the Monaco Square scarf and fell in LVoe:heart: instantly, therefore I made an exchange.

While shopping, I also found a pair of lovely Prada sunnies, so I said "Happy Birthday to me.":yes:

The LV Pearl Cles, I found on Ebay a few months ago but never posted a pic, so I've also included her, as well as my beloved:heart: Vernis Alma in Pomme.

My sweet, sweet coworkers gave me gift cards for my birthday and I just happened to find a pair of killer pumps the exact same shade as my Alma!:yahoo:

Overall, it was a fabulous birthday!:yes: