My lv bag stuck in hawaii!!!

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  1. I dont know where to start... i live in florida and looking for this bag Louis Vuitton watercolor speedy 30..i know its only available in Asia and Hawaii.. i tried to call hawaii and put my name on the list anyway...and today they called up and they said they have it...and they can onl hold it for 24hours!!! WAAAAAHHHHHHH:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: they wont ship...they wont let me pay and i have to have sombody to pick it up... what can i do??? should i kill myself for putting myself in a stupid situation ?? i dont know...what woudl you guys do???
  2. Why cant they ship? Thats ridiculous. Can you afford a quick holiday to Hawaii? CAn they not transfer to your local store?
  3. can they ship it to another LV store in the mainland?
  4. UGH! And I see that the only watercolor speedy you can purchase from LV online is the speedy 35.
    Did you talk to the manager?
    I know when I have wanted an item that my nearest store didn't have, they transferred the product AND there was no charge for the transfer!!! YAY!!!
  5. WTF?? Why won't they ship? It's not being shipped internationally or anything! I swear, CS is going down the drain in many places.
  6. I know guys..they wont ship it here in the mainland because its a limited edition they wont even let me pay...i have to have somebody to pay from there...i dont know damn i waited for the bag for so long...and they gave me 24 hours then they will give it to somebody....wahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. the hawaii stores are not considered part of the us mainland market. they no longer ship to the continental us. it's been discussed extensivaly in the LV subforum and most non-hawaii residents were quite sad.

    i for one, am glad you contiguous states are no longer mucking up our waitlists. :devil:
  8. Ok...i called them back again..damn this SA of LV if i need to have it pick up by somebody in someother island in hawaii i need to pay $35 for the shipping..then i can have someone pick it up i just hope my friend has enough money to pay all this things hahahahaha WISH ME LUCK GUYS!!!!!
  9. Is this any different than the special edition ones from the MOCA and Brooklyn? I was pretty sure they weren't allowing those to get transfered or sent out.
  10. good luck! what a pain in the butt but hope u get your bag