my lv bag collection

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  1. heya folks!

    I finally decided to take a pic of some of my favourite bags!
    BUT I am sorry for that AWFUL quality of lighting and flesh etc etc........also I think that my camera sucks...*LOL*

    lv bags not on that picture: lv reporter GM, lv keepall 55, lv alize 24 h, lv sirius 70, lv abbeses

    I will post a picture of my other hermes and gucci bags later today or tomorrow

    Bags that are on my wishlist until march: LV sac chien, guccissima messenger in white, hermes evelyn GM in mocca

    my first bag ever was an old lv cosmetiv purse I got at the age of was an OLD piece my granny gave to me for my pencils and stuff........other kids in school made jokes of me because I had the granny pattern pencil case....and not the mickey mouses


    ever since then: presents from my parents mostly, but most of it is bought from myself.

    Also I work for a swiss firm helping LVHM with the add campaigns in middle europe......well that way you sometimes get goodies and percentage off designers.............

    and DON´t blame me for the prada robot bag! bought in on the prada sale for 200........which is okay for a swimming bag(well I use it as one at least hahahha)

    and sorry goyard lovers, but I just dont like the goyards at all.......saw ehm last week in person and they look...well cheap://

    B.T.W:.I am a boy:smile:

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  2. Ahhh, no wonder you it's mostly messenger-esq bag! Have a good friend that would drool over your collection, he's dying for an LV messenger.
  3. wow, i'm not the biggest LV fan, but i can appreciate a hot collection when i see one!
  4. Oooh is that a sac squash I spy ?

    Awesome collection, and yeah, not everyone is a fan of the Prada but it'd make a cute tote for something casual, like going swimming !
  5. *applause*

    nice collection =) i luv boys with brand awareness =)
  6. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS and more GORGEOUS!!!!!:biggrin:
  7. wow...i love your cute PRADA tote...i would like to buy one last time as my gym bag. But then i tought someone would dying to steal it in my locker..hehehe..nice collection
  8. Oh wow :love: I wish my fiancé had that collection so I could borrow his bags :biggrin:
  9. Nice collection, you have good taste :biggrin:
  10. lovely - you have great taste for a guy:smile:
  11. hya! yes it is:smile:

    It´s the most practical bag I have:smile: great for bigger shopping and stuff:smile:))
  12. Lovely collection!
  13. i love your collection! and i really like the monogram mat bag, i'm so disappointed they discontinued that line.
  14. The robot bag is hilarious LOL
  15. I like the little robot bag! Your collection is very chic!