My LV a fake from an LV store???--HELP!

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  1. Hi everyone, I am fairly new here and really need some help in figuring this out. My hubby bought me a LV black multicolor Speedy which I have not used yet. I was just innocently poking around on-line reading about purses (my passion, thats why I am here!) and came across some info on how to tell if your LV is fake. It said that a Speedy should NOT have a suede lining, thats what is in mine!!

    So I went to the LV website and they say there that the interior is microfiber, which also seems strange! But in any case, mine is not microfiber. The crazey thing is my Speedy was purchased at an LV store in So. Cal. I thought it was impossible to get a fake from an LV store. I am sorry that I dont have the ability to post any pics. I carried a LV for years that had a canvas interior, but that goes way back. Any thoughts?? Info?? Thanks so much for ANY heart dropped to my stomach when I read that! giselle
  2. Multicolore Speedies have a special type of lining made from a material called "alcantra" - it does have a suede feeling to it. If you'd like further confirmation of whether or not your bag is authentic, why don't you post some pictures. :smile:
  3. the alcantara lining does feel just like suede....if u didn't know the difference u'd think it was suede....not to worry i'm sure ur bag's authentic.....
    it should have this kinda of suede-like lining
  4. Thanks jc, that is what mine looks like only its tan because I have the black multicolor.....big sigh of relief! I hope this posts correctly, still learning my way around the site. Thanks again! By the way, is yours a Speedy?? looks like it has a division in the purse.
  5. oh that's an image of the LV MK Audra [​IMG]
    cute bag...was the clearest photograph i could find of the lining for u.....glad ur fears are allayed :P