My Luxe Bowler strap BROKE! *SOBS*

  1. I'm so mad!!! My luxe bowler strap broke after just 5 months of use!!!!! :cursing: I don't know how it happened, I was almost home, slingling the bag on my shoulder when I felt one strap crumble on me.

    I checked the strap and realised it had broken at the end - a short strap of leather was hanging out of the ring, and it looked like a clean break - as though the leather holding the straps up inside gave way or something. :wtf: DH said it looked like the GLUE gave way inside. :confused1:

    Is it something I did - do I abuse my bowler too much? I lug my LV koala wallet, cles, agenda, phone, chanel sunnies, very light makeup pouch (with only powder, lipgloss and a concealer stick in there) and a LV wapity with hardly anything in it, and an ipod ard.

    And I don't even use it everyday! Is it just a defective piece, or is that generally to be expected of chanel bags?? They're so expensive - they shdn't be giving way after less than half a year of use, should they??!!:crybaby::tdown:
  2. Oh hun I'm so sorry about this! I would take back to the boutique right away and have it repaired. I think some tpfers have had some issues with the strap on luxe bowlers...maybe you can get it exchanged for a new one if possible.
  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear that. What's up with Chanel and their quality control these days. :cursing:
    You should bring it back to the boutique/store where you got it from. I would try to exchange it with a new one...
  4. o no, i remember hearing abt other tPFers who had their Luxe Bowler strap break after 1 or 2 uses. Definitely take it back to the store to see if you can get it fixed or exchanged!
  5. ^^I've heard the same stories. Def go back and speak to your SA.

    Sorry this happened..what an inconvenience!
  6. oh wow, you would think for that much money the quality would be better. :sad:
  7. Wow and just to think I was on the verge of purchasing a bowler. I hope it works out for you. Sorry!
  8. o no that's horrible! i hate hearing about people having quality issues with chanel. it makes it more and more difficult to justify every purchase.

    i hope the boutique can fix your bowler or get a new one for you!
  9. Oh NO! I am sorry to hear that... :nogood: I am actually considering of buying a bowler.... Now I am re-considering......
  10. I am sure Chanel will repair this for you. Take a deep breath, call your SA and explain what happened. I know they do repair bags. Let us know what happens. Good luck! :tup:
  11. That sucks!! I would be upset if that happened to me as well. Bring it back they should be able to fix it. Good Luck!
  12. oh no! take it back and MAKE them fix it!
  13. THEY should be able to fix it or try to get a new bag!
  14. I heard about Cotton Club strap issues but not with the Luxe bowler....myLuxe bowler seems very sturdy but I hope you get yours repaired with no more problems.
  15. oh im so sorry ! i hope everything works out. :heart: