My Lux Metallic Bowler Broke!!

  1. So I was carrying my Lux Line Bowler and all of the sudden one of the straps broke!!! I didn't even put anything heavy in it. The part that broke was the metal chain part that latches onto the leather loop in the front of the bag. I noticed that the metal ring that links the handle to the bag had opened a bit and that is how it slipped through the leather loop. So I got some jewelry pliers to loop it back through and push the metal back together so it wouldn't slip through again but even when I did that there was still a space in the ring so I think I'm going to take it to Chanel to have them fix it.
    I purchased the bag at Neimans but can I still take it to Chanel to get it fixed??? Ugh...this is sooooo frustrating!!!:crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. how awful!
    definitely bring it in to get fixed!! i'm sure chanel can take care of it for you. it sounds like the ring wasn't soldered well.
  3. Neimans will send it out for repair for you. How long have you had the bag? Do you use it every day??

    This is my worst fear with my Luxe Bowler. The metal chain loop that attaches to the leather loop has a small space on my bag too. Not enough to slip through now but if it opens up, yeah, there could be problems.

    Sorry to hear this happened. I am sure it can be repaired and if you aren't happy NM will refund your money or give you credit toward a new bag.
  4. I've had the bag for 2 months maybe?? I was carrying it everyday but I'm always really careful with my bags.
    I think I am going to try to take it to Chanel first and see if they will repair it. Some of the SA's at Neimans are a bit clueless when it comes to this sort of thing.
  5. I hate when stuff like this happens with Chanel bags.It is soo frustrating!! I hope they can fix the problem:flowers:
  6. o no! that's awful... i hope they fix it for you. i thought chanel guaranteed your bag for 1 year?

    good luck!
  7. You need to take it back to NM. My Chanel boutique requires a Chanel boutique receipt for returns/exchanges/repairs.
    These bags are handmade, it's bound to happen once in a while. NM WILL make this right for you, I promise!
  8. I believe u can...merchandise bght overseas (like LV) can be fixed in local boutique.

    p.s give them a call first b4 popping in...cheer up..:smile:
  9. Thanks girls for all of your help!! This forum is so priceless!!
  10. :wtf: OMG - I hope you get it all fixed up! This bag is just so beautiful!!! good luck and let us know how it goes! :flowers:
  11. Yikes! I hope you are able to get it repaired quickly! I just went to check mine and I didn't really see a gap. But I did notice that one of the leather loops has stretched more than the others and is now almost twice it's length. :wtf: I hope it will not stretch so much that it snaps off one day.
  12. yea, take it to neimans. i had one they had to send out for repair twice. when it still didn't look right they credited my NM charge for the full amount so i could buy a new one or something else.
  13. Now I'm worried. Two times for repair? That's crazy for the price this bag costs! Mine won't be an everyday bag since I rotate quite frequently, but it will still receive enough use that I'll worry...
  14. I'm wondering if there could be a manufacturing fault in one of the batches... Are you having the deerskin from fall or the goatskin bowler from spring?
  15. Oh dear! I'm sure Chanel will fix it, no matter where you bought it! They won't want to know that their "very expensive" straps are that fragile. I hope it all works out for you!