my luscious new raisin...

  1. I'm a newbie here and just wanted to post a little something I picked up today at the local H....
    L1030271.jpg L1030278.jpg
  2. This is so pretty!!! You should post this in the main section where everyone could :drool:



    Love how you match it with your Kelly scarf. :heart:
  3. and one modeling shot of me and the sleek new baby. I'm normally a kelly and birkin lover, but couldn't resist the yummy colour! The PB looks fairly sleek (this is the new medium size) but has an incredible tardis like capacity. I managed to get everything that was in my JPG shoulder birkin/diaper bag inside this little whippet! So happy :yahoo:
  4. ^ You look great with it!
  5. Thanks! I have no idea how to move the thread though :smile: Are you a fellow Singapore based addict?
  6. O


    What leather is that please???? It looks like epsom, but the color is so deep for epsom... this is gorgeous and I feel that I must have something in raisin immediately or I will just shrivel up. Like a raisin, kinda......
  7. The scarf is insanely pretty as well.
  8. That is Epsom! The colour is so saturated it changes shades with the light and looks almost black in a dark room... Now I'm lusting after a birkin in raisin as well... And to think just yesterday I was just giving my hubby a earful for excessive consumption of his premier cru raisins - maybe I should get a t-shirt and write HYPOCRITE on it in raisin jus :smile:
  9. Peripod - fabulous. I l.o.v.e. raisin :tup:

  10. U squeezed everything from your JPG in there??? Wow!! That's amazing!!!!:nuts:
  11. Hope the mod can help you do that.

    Another SG member on board! :yahoo:
  12. Lovely color!
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    And wow! What a gorgeous bag. I'd be willing to wear a "hypocrite" t-shirt for that one, too.
  14. Congratulations Peripod! Luscious raisin PB! You wear it very well!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS, peripod!

    We have similar Raisin PBs. Mine's in Box Calf. And welcome to tPF! And also the H sub forum!