My Luella Geek! bag!!!!!

  1. Was so excited when I was in Paris on vacation, i can't remember what store it was, when i found this bag! Didn't even know it was Luella, so when i found out it was like an added bonus! Good thing it happened to be my birthday, so I didn't have to shell out any money for it!! :yahoo:
    geek1.jpg geek2.jpg
  2. It's a very cute bag, I've been eyeing it myself. Lucky you! :smile:
  3. How fabulous, i love that bag.
  4. Great bag, and i LOVE the lining!!!
  5. LOVE it!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    Oh and Happy Bday!
  6. LOL. Cute bag! I love the lining and the organizational pockets inside. Congrats!
  7. I've been wanting that bag forever!!! It was sold out on Net-a-porter...?!
  8. Fun and original - love it!
  9. OMG I've wanted one of those for ages - sums me up very well! Congrats on your purchase.