My Lucy is Real!

  1. A little over a week ago, some of you may remember my post about my husband buying a Lucy for me after seeing it in my eBay watch list. I was worried he bought a fake-well, he didn't! When it arrived last Friday, I examined it so closely--there was a hot pink star stamped on the inside (from a sample sale maybe?) and the leather is soooo smooshy and smells so good. It does not look anything like the eBay picture.

    I still wasn't sure so I took it with me to visit my family in D.C. My sister has an ivory Lucy (blame her for starting THE obsession). We compared my eBay Lucy with her N&M Lucy-everything matched to a tee. I even tried to pry the Kooba plates off of the bag and the inside-they didn't come off.

    I'm so happy and so relieved. I wish I had a digital camera so I could post images. I'll try to borrow one from a friend in the next few days. Thanks ladies for all of your help and experience with Koobas and ebay. People like you make TPF a good place to learn how to spend your money on fabulous bags!:tup:
  2. Wonderful news! Give that hubby of yours some extra love for doing good! You are a lucky girl & I wish we could all see your new Lucy! Enjoy!!
  3. Fantastic news Alexis, it's always great to hear a good end to a worrying story. Usually it's the other way round. CONGRATULATIONS and time to spoil the hubby for such a fab gift!

    I guess the dogs don't get to use it for their leashes, but I'm sure they'll understand... eventually!
  4. That is great news Alexis! I bet you are very relieved!
  5. Wonderful news, so happy for you! A great story with a great ending:woohoo:
  6. Photos! Photos! Photos! Pleeeeease.
  7. Wonderful news and enjoy that new bag.
  8. Great news!!! That pink star is a good sign, one of my bags from a sample sale was stamped like that.
  9. What a relief!

    At least it all turned good in the end:smile: