My Luco, Epi carf and flip-flops!

  1. Everything came today which is really good since after these lovelies I´m on a very long ban, till June:sad: But let´s get to the lovelies!

    My first monogram bag. I chose this beautiful Luco, she´s 2 years old but in great shape! I love big bags, this is such an awesome and classic bag. Goorge:heart:! What´s crap is that there is no dustbag but I´ll figure something out.
    Then I got this blue Epi scarf to go with my Myrtille Epi Speedy :yahoo: It´s in fab condition! And big, I don´t really use small scarfs!

    Last but not the least; completely new flip-flops! I love them, so cute for next summer:supacool: Such a bargain! Love the box and pouch too :lol:.

    Many pics since I´m excited:upsidedown:
    Kuva 554.jpg Kuva 559.jpg Kuva 549.jpg Kuva 541.jpg Kuva 535.jpg
  2. Sweet Bahia's!!
  3. Love the flip flops! Makes me wish it wasn't so cold here and instead longing for beach weather. :beach:

    You new bag looks good on you!
  4. More pics! Also you´re opinion; does the army jacket look totally ridiculous or totally doable with the Luco:shrugs::lol:
    Kuva 536.jpg Kuva 550.jpg Kuva 544.jpg
  5. congrats!
  6. I think you look great!
    Gorgeous items!!!:love: Wear everything in good health!
  7. Congrats on everything :smile:
  8. Congrats on your 3 items!!! The jacket looks great with your luco.
  9. Very nice :smile:

  10. Love it! Don't you just love the Luco??? I love mine. It is such a classy bag and looks great. Some find the size overwhelming but this is what i love about this bag. Such a wonderful tote!

    I love everything you got! That scarf is tdf and I've always wanted the flip flops. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy them all in good health! :yahoo:
  11. Thanks Jojo! Your Luco was the one I eyed when I was making up my mind on buying it or not :biggrin: Yeah the size is the best thing about it+the structure. ILOVEIT!
  12. Congrats!! Everything looks so great!
  13. The Luco looks great on you Nola!
  14. BEAUTIFUL items for a BEAUTIFUL woman! Congrats!
  15. congrats, nola! great choices!