My Lucky Day!

  1. So let me tell you about my great deal on my pack and play that I got this weekend....

    So I wanted to get all the rainforest stuff that is out now because it's not very blue, and stuff. So we went to babies r us, and they had a floor model on sale for $70 (it's normally $99.00) But the floor model was water damaged because the roof leaks in the store when it rains. So as we were looking at it more, we noticed that it was heavily water damaged (under the padding, etc) so bad so, that the store manager took it off the floor and sent it back. So my mom and DH were like, lets go to toys r us and see what they have. Whatever..

    So We go to toys r us, and they had my pack and play, and it had a tag that said it was on sale for $84.99. So I was like WHOO HOO So we get it to the register, and it rings up $99.00. We said, "No, it's suppose to be $84.99" DH ran and got the tag, and showed it to her. She said, omg, this tag was suppose to be taken down the other day (because they now have the $10.00 off coupon for the pack and play's) So she had to still give us the $84.99 discount (company policy), AND on top of that we got the extra $10.00 off. Making my $99.00 pack and play $74.99. And I got a free umbrella stroller with any $75.00 purchase!!! WHOO HOO! It totally does not get any better than that! I got soooo lucky!
  2. YAY!! Good for you!!!

    Now what was the deal w/ your contractions you were talking about earlier last week I think???
  3. That's what I wanna know!! I saw the "My Lucky Day" subject and I was like Yesssssssss she had the baby and we get to hear all about it! :yahoo:But I was wrong LoL. Hurry and have that little baby, us tpf'ers are going crazy!!
  4. Nope, now they are constantly every 10-15 min apart. I'm exhausted, and my dr. won't do anything about them. I'm so aggervated. My back is killing me, and I can't sleep. So my appointment is Friday, and I'm going to insist that he induces me this weekend. (My due date is the 23rd). He's on my Crap list. The contractions hurt, but they are not getting closer together.
  5. I feel your pain. I had an unsuccessful induction last Mon so now we're letting nature take its course. In the interim, I'm experiencing minor contractions and my DS is pressing on some nerves causing sharp pains near my cervix. I'm officially one day late!

    But hey, more shopping days for me and you got that great deal so that's our consolation prize! :roflmfao: