My LUCKIEST of CHARMS ... Re-release of an absolute Chanel gem

  1. amazing!!! i am so happy it was re-released, and you were able to find this treasure. :hbeat: enjoy this special piece :yahoo:
  2. OMG!!!

    Love this bag! I've been wanting this bag for years, I would buy it with my eyes closed but why 8000$ !!!??? :cry:


    If someday you get tired of this think of me ;)
  3. Just wanted to post comparison pics of the 2007 and the 2012 versions. :smile:

    2007 Lucky Charms:


    2012 Lucky Charms (pic belongs to NYCavalier, of course):


    I LOVE the white camellia on the 2012, the green clover and the scissors! :love:
  4. ^ya, it's those darn new camellia flowers that make me want to get the 2012 version! :push:
  5. That beautiful little green clover got me. But yes, the camellia did too. And the scissors. AND that Eiffel Tower! Jeez! I don't want to have to get this bag...
  6. Oh, L, don't think. Go for it. I've got mine already. I am waiting to see the burgundy. If it looks fab, I might be a 224 too, LOL!

    And boy stingray too. Must have boy stingray.
  7. 8000 ???? i keep dreaming !! LOL
    so beautiful .. Congrats ...

  8. I love this charms bag!! Thanks for starting this thread and for the beautiful photos !! :smile:
  9. Hi dear, I been doing a search on the "Lucky Charms" bag and saw this reveal of yours. It's so pretty and I've been seriously contemplating on getting one. Would you happen to have mod pics?
  10. How much was the 2007 version when it was first released? Wonder this is considered classic.
  11. very pretty - love all the charms!!