!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My luckiest day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 1, 2006
I was gonna post yesterday, but got delayed.

Anyway, last week has been pretty depressing for me since it seemed that everyone else except me is getting a birkin :sad: .

So my bf sort of wanted to cheer me up and suggested me to just go to my local Hermes boutique. I was like, nay... not gonna work, u know how bad the competition is in LA. :sick:

Then he insisted that why not give a try? So we went. Then things magical started to happen.

I got into the store and saw a kelly and as i was marvelling at its beauty, i heard two girls asking one of the SAs there if they had a birkin. The lady said yes and ask them to take a look.

I was like, Oh, no!!!!!!!!!!!!! :Push: I should ask earlier, now i missed the chance in my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry: :cry:

But i still went up to see. The lady pulled out an orange box and out of the dust bag, there she was a chocolate brown with fushcia piping box P/H 30 birkin!!!!!!!!!! The girls were like, "oh, it is too small", so i am like "oh, gosh, i sooooo want it". My bf was beside me and whisper to me, it will look great on u, it is the perfect size!!!!!!!!!!!!

I waited until the girls decided to pull out and i said without a hesitation, I will take it.

As we were concluding the deal, she said it must be my lucky day, since it was a special order and the person changed his/her mind. They were gonna call the people on the list but have not yet get to it, and i happened to be there. She promised that she is gonna call me if there is gonna be Potiron/Bj around. I also got a matching fushcia twilly. I did not get the hippo, it is cute, but i have something else in mind.

So i guess it is all about patience and right timing. :idea: I was almost desperate and wanna get something from the ebay first. It is great that i did not do so.

I wanna thank all of u here for ur support and advice. Especially greentea and noriko. They told me to wait for HER to come. I am now so in love :love: :love: :love:


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Congratulations!!! That is the cutest bag, love the twilly!

Where are you? I have the same bag, got it from the Madison Avenue Hermes in NY. They told me it's very rare. The size 30 is a good size. There is one on ebay in size 25 in the same color but it hasn't sold because it's too small. This is funny, another poster (smoothoprter) has the same rouge H chevre 35 as me but she is in CA. Other brands, we just expect to see lots of people with them, but Birkins are so rare that it is seems weird when someone has "your" bag!