My Lttle Pug Saved My Daughter!!!

  1. The pug in my avatar is named Austin, he is ten and we love him with our whole heart. However, we have never thought that he was very bright. Boy, were we wrong. Today my H left a pot on the stove and went to work. My daughter was sleeping (she is 22), and a fire started. I don't know why the smoke alarms did not go off, but Austin scratched her and licked her until she woke up. The house was filled with smoke and the kitchen was in flames. She managed to escape with minor burns and get help before it spread. I hate to think what would have happened if he hadn't inervened. MY Austin is a hero. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    (BTW, we are replacing all the smoke detectors tomorrow with battery ones)
  2. Oh my goodness!!!! So good to hear he saved the day!
  3. Gosh, I am so glad to hear your daughter and Austin are okay.

    Animals are so smart.
  4. What a little champion he is. Thank goodness your daughter is ok and they are both safe.:flowers:
  5. Wow, good job Austin! Glad your daughter is okay - dogs are amazing. :heart:

    I remember when my brother's ex gf's pom used to live with us, he used to sleep in my room and when my alarm clock went off in the morning, he would stand up against my bed and keep licking my face until I woke up. :lol: - on another note, my Chihuahua just continues sleeping and doesn't care if my alarm clock goes off. LOL but I still love her, she's my number one. :love:
  6. Wow! What a great dog! so glad your daughter was ok!
  7. That is amazing! I hope you tell little Austin that you are sorry for thinking he was not very bright!
  8. ^^^lol...I hear you, our cock a poo didn't budge :shrugs: She is only one year old so I am wondering if she is still too young. We still love her though. Austin is very low key he doesn''t bark for things or ask to go out. He mostly just lays there. We never thought he would be the dog to respond to an emergency.:heart:
  9. Oh, wow! That's amazing. Bet he'll be spoiled rotten for his good deed. ;)
  10. OMG im so happpy ur family is safe! Go Austin!!
  11. wow these kinds of stories always amaze me! sounds like you have a great dog! thank goodness everyone was alright.
  12. That's amazing. I am glad your daughter and dog are okay.
  13. Way to go Austin!!! I'm glad to hear that you daughter is safe and sound.
  14. Yay!!! Go pugs!!! They are the cleverest dogs in the world! Glad to hear both of your babies are ok!!
    I hope you can get your house back to normal soon xx
  15. I'm so happy to hear your daughter and Austin are okay. Austin deserves a very special treat!