My Ltd Edition Light Blue Washed Lambskin Pochette

  1. OMG I cannot believe I did it.:yahoo: I've just bought my first Chanel. Itz the Spring/Summer 06 Limited Edition Baby Blue Washed Lambskin Pochette!!!

    There were four sizes but there was not much of a difference between the small and medium single flap! [Just one cm for the depth of the bag] So I got the smaller size one.

    I think I'm in :heart: . I'm so excited that I haven't open up the box yet!!! :love:

  2. Congrats! Pls post pic ;)
  3. aww i was so excited to see pics! cant wait to see pics.

  4. Congrats!!!!!!! Pics, please!
  5. eek!! pictures please!!
  6. I love it ! Seriously , I do ! It looks so soft ! Can I be ultra-rude and ask how much it cost ?
  7. Oh, it's beautiful!
  8. It's so pretty! Congrats!
  9. OOoooh i saw that before
    its amazing!!!!
  10. Congratulations Pixel, I love the color. :smile:
  11. :girlsigh:OMG I just want to cuddle it! TDF! :tender:
  12. It is so pretty! Congrats!!!
  13. Very pretty! Love the color.
  14. Ahhh! That Is Gorgeous!!
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