1. Finally!! :yahoo:The leather is delicious and VERY soft!!! I'm so happy~~I have searched very hard for this bag and now it's MINE! I will post modeling pictures on friday (after i take my exam for my anatomy class!)
    Picture 197.jpg
  2. Beautiful fashion1sta!!! I think the oversize buttons are adorable. LP leather is amazing isn't it? Congrats (and good luck with your exam)!!
  3. Congratulations in finding what you love!!!!

    And best of luck on your exam!!! Anatomy can be brutal!
  4. Congratulations Fashionista!!! Where did you get this beauty from?? Can't wait to see modeling pics!! :drool:
  5. Yes... the LP leather is amazing! Also, thank you for wishing me good luck on my exam!
  6. Congrats on your new bag! Isn't that color the best...Now we're LP twins:tup:
  7. Great bag! The color is gorgeous!!!

  8. The leather looks amazing! Modeling shots please! Congratulations!
  9. As requested:flowers:
    LP Piper Speedy 006 shoulder c.jpg
  10. Wow that look so amazing on you! I love it! :drool:
  11. Absolutely beautiful. Is this bag as 'floppy' as other LP bags? That is, no structure?
  12. beautiful as predicated! good luck on your exam!:hs:(i just wanted to use this little horse!)
  13. Congratulations! What a beautiful bag!
  14. very pretty, this is my next bag
  15. I am definitely coveting that bag, it is SUCH a gorgeous color!! i just wish it was on sale or something :smile: