My lovley Miu Miu Matelassé!

  1. I bought my first Miu Miu this last summer after feeling it up in store in Roma on vacation and when we got home I was upset that I did not buy it when I had the chance so I orderd it online! We've been having some wonderful times ever sience! Hope you enjoy! :happydance::happydance::happydance:



  2. Congrats!!! It's lovely! :biggrin:
  3. Gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to order it online. Carry her in health and happiness!
  4. Congrats! I love this clutch! I have the same one in gold.. :cool:
  5. The leather is just so smooth! I would really like another one in a popping color, like red or pink! The style is just so classic, it will never go out of fashion! :tup: Where did you get yours and how much was it when you bught it? The prices have increased so much in just the last year. When I got mine the retail was 345 Euro (I think) and I just looked on and the same on is now up for 410 Euro.
  6. I got mine from Paris Printemps (or was it Lafayette, not sure) and I think it retailed around 345 euros. It came with a shoulder strap, but I often use it without it.
  7. Beauty! Congrats :smile:
  8. I was thinking about getting this clutch too! Does it come with a strap? Have u used it yet??
  9. Wow you got one with a strap? Interesting...I've never seen them with a strap

    I have this in two colours - black and nude - and its the most practical, spacious and elegant clutch! The price increases are quite insane - I got my black one for GBP280 (which was already a price increase from previous price of around 250) and now I see its GBP410!

  10. Congrats :smile:
  11. Oh my, 250 GBP is a bargain!! I dont have/got a strap for mine. I dont think they make them with shoulder staps anymore either? Or? Its so much more cute just in your hands or under the arm. My little precious is probobly one of my best purchases ever, its good to piff up and and for a dressed down outfit! A real investment piece to use for many occasions! :tup:
  12. I dont think they make them with shoulderstaps anymore. Or Im not sure at least. Mine is without but its big enough to hold under your arm or just in your hand. Its a cleaner look without a strap, thats my opinion :smile:
  13. Congrats it's a real stunner :heart: Great choice!
  14. Lovely! Chic and fun. :smile:
  15. lovely! congrats :smile: