My loving round purse coin :o)

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  1. Hello ladies :smile:

    Yesterday, in France, it was the Mother'day and I received this little one :biggrin: I am so happy to have it :yahoo:

    Small thing but from my boys :love::hugs:: it is a wonderfull round coin purse :lol:

    Was afraid about the quality of the canvas (saw a video on YT) but canvas is so strong! I used it since this morning.
    Round coin purse LV.jpg Round coin purse LV 2 .jpg IMG_4256.jpg
  2. I'm thinking about getting one.
  3. Super cute! :heart:
  4. Thanks ladies :biggrin:

    Yeahhhh so super cute ;)
  5. Super cute!
  6. Congrats!
  7. :yw:
  8. Haha I love the 'deer caught in headlights' expression of your cat! Congrats on your treasure! :smile:
  9. Aww your cat is so cute, what's his name? I've two cats and one of them looks just like yours! I love when members post pictures of their LV pieces and their animals.
  10. It is so cute!!

  11. Hello

    My cat is a White Blue Russian'cat but it is only not a real cat :smile: ; would like to have my real Blue Russian Cat for sure :hbeat::hbeat: Moshe for a boy or Aviva for a girl :P

    When I used to live in Canada, I wanted to buy one but too many travels in Europ ; I did not want to live far away my cat so I said no :crybaby: Not easy to find one in France :cry: so my mum bought me this cat' toy at "Feu Vert" ; so lovely :tender:

    What about your cats ? I have already saw a blue russian cat on this forum :hbeat:
  12. Great little piece! :biggrin:

  13. Thank you luxeaddition :smile:
  14. Cute! Love the stuffed cat!!
  15. Congratulations!! 😀👍