My loves

  1. Here are pics of my Chanels to start off this thread. I also have 2 LV's that I need to add later when I have more time.

    Pic 1 starting from top left:

    -black medallion tote
    -white medallion tote
    -black expandable flap
    -white expandable flap
    -jumbo flap crackled black patent
    -medium flap matte gold lambskin
    -jumbo flap white caviar
    -jumbo flap red caviar-timeless tote red caviar
    -light silver cotton club tote

    Pic 2
    -white modern chain tote east/west style

    Pic 3
    -beige soft and chain hobo

    Pic 4
    -white soft and chain hobo

    Pic 5
    -black soft and chain hobo





  2. awesome girl!!!

    Sorry it took me so long to come in here and approve.
  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous collection!
  4. Gorgeous collection! :heart:
  5. deeeeeeeelicious.
  6. Amazing collection!
  7. Gorgeous!:drool: :drool:
  8. That is one AWESOME Chanel collection! Love the red and patent jumbos!
  9. Impressive! Now I want a silver CC tote in medium after looking at your pics.
  10. such an incredible collection! i love the tote at the bottom the best!
    it makes me want a cotton club :smile:
  11. Lovely bags! Thanks for sharing!
  12. I love the display going up the staircase! too cute!
  13. Your collection is AMAZING! All your bags are gorgeous, but the flaps are my favorite.
  14. They all look so soft!
  15. :drool: utterly gorgeous.