My LoVely Valentines Day + Reveal

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  1. Ladies (and Gent)...

    Some people may know what I got for Valentines Day already hehehe.. BUT I still want to do a reveal because its fun :biggrin:

    Anyways let me set the scene first...a nice latte to finish off my lovely seafood Lunch DBF had organised for me

  2. He picked up my flowers on the way home...


    I turned around and look was in the back seat :yahoo:


  3. AWWW thats cute lol
  4. Lovely :heart:
  5. [​IMG]
    :graucho: I already knew I was getting one large LV brown box, but boy was I surprised to see TWO
  6. First Brown Box


  7. Ooooh!!!
  8. :yahoo:

  9. is it a bag!? :nuts: love the beautiful pics!
  10. Yeah!! So excited to see your goodies!!
  11. This pic should tell u what I got hehehe

  12. The Trevi???? I'm so excited to see!

    Love the heart in your cup of coffee by the way!
  13. OMG I'm horrible at guessing games! lol
  14. :popcorn: live one!!
  15. I guess Trevi, too! Gosh you are so lucky you got so much stuff!!