My lovely sam soon

  1. A few weeks back was channel surfing and came across a channel AZN(?), asian channel. I picked up the end of a show that I believe was called My lovely Sam-Soon. It was not in English, not sure if japenese but it was so cute. (subtitles). It was an Asian soap opera. After a while, I was looking forward to watching it every night. I didin't realize it was only a 16 episode show. Did anyone else catch this? It was a romantic comedy.
  2. Actually, a friend of mine sent me the DVD set of "My Lovely Sam Soon". It's a Korean drama and yes, it was cute. The actor in the series, Daniel Henney, is so hot!
  3. Yes, he is hot.
  4. i saw it on but i prefer my girl and sassy girl
  5. btw it's korean

    whoops sorry somone already told u that
  6. the english subtitles don't do justice to k-dramas.

    My Lovely Kim Sam Soon was freaking hilarious in korean.

    it got a lot of recognition for portraying a normal to chunky female lead. usually they're all bone thin.
  7. I posted this series in the foreign movies thread, but I caught it on the AZN channel over the summer and liked it so much I bought the DVD set as well. Loooove Kim sam-soon!
  8. I was thinking of getting the dvd. I never saw the first few epiodes. I loved that show.
  9. i know what you mean about the subtitles! i think fansubbers generally portray what's being said a lot better than YA's translators. the official North American version of the DVD was released by Yesasia, and i bought that one just to keep in case i wanted to watch it again. i normally download the latest dramas via clubbox, and if i really like it, i'll end up buying the dvd set.

    i.e., there was a scene where Jung Ryeo Won (Hee Jin) was doing yoga, and Hyun Bin's (Jin-Hun) mom's assistant says something about Ok Joo Hyun (FinKL member, who's also known for her fit body from yoga, and also has a video out plus owns a studio)... and in the dvd, they translated it as Beyonce... i think just to pick a well-known American singer, assuming most non-Korean drama fans aren't familiar with Korean music artists. and of course there were other scenes that didn't sound right the way it was translated... i can't remember, since i watched it during the summer of '05 when it aired. Daniel Henney is indeed hot, but not so much his acting... he was better in Spring Waltz, though that drama wasn't very good overall.

    btw, there is already a thread about Korean dramas in general somewhere. here's the link:
  10. i watched the show. i believe that if i understood korean, the jokes and all would be funnier. the part that i found hilarious was when Sam Soon spoke in english to that good looking guy, dunno his name but he is so hot!
  11. Gotta love this show.... Daniel Henney is super handsome....
  12. It's very funny.... I think you guys will love this series.

    Daniel is cute & very kind in this series.... :blush: