My lovely professor's comment...had to share

  1. So I was in class last week and my professor (who quite possibly is the most arrogant person i have ever met in my life) makes a lovely statement "People who identify too closely, and form close relationshipcs with animals are social deviants who are unable to form "real realationships" with people":wtf:<-----ME after the comment.......I just wanted to share from one animal lover to others, I was disgusted I know sometimes i am too sensitive but thats just a crappy comment
  2. That's not even true. This man is educated??
  3. hey, I like dogs better than people. I admit it. He can call me whatever he likes.
  4. So do I Zophie!!! I love animals, and I thought it was a disgusting comment to make. I needed to get it off my chest.

    Yes bella he is, and worst of all he has a phd in biological sciences! Can you believe he not only believes it but verbalizes it to a class full of people, some of whome are planning on attening VET school:shocked:
  5. :wtf:This man is obviously dealing with some personal issues......
    I'm with Zophie, I like my cat and all animals more that I like some people out there.
  6. That is the most rediculous thing I've heard in awhile. What a jackass.
  7. This is yet another reason why I don't like many people in the academic community. They preach their stupid opinions as if they were fact to a captive audience.

    It makes me wonder what other wacky ideas he's incorporating into the subject he's teaching.
  8. I think I am speechless.. dang! He said that with a straight face?
  9. Well then count me among the "social deviants". :yes: I have no problem admitting my love for my animals. Nor am I ashamed of it.
  10. Uhhh excuse me? That is dumbest thing I've ever heard. Sounds like he's the one with the issues; I probably would have got up and walked out after he said that just because that statement is ludicrous. I also love to be around my dog Gabby more than most people out there; hell I talk to my dog like she is human...:pIt would be extremely hard for me to take anything he said seriously again. BTW *Lo your puppy in your avatar is PRECIOUS!
  11. What an ass. Yep, I think that about sums it up.
  12. Animal lovers are social deviants?! What hooey. Most of the really unpleasant people I know also don't like dogs and cats... I don't think that is pure coincidence. I think perhaps he has it backwards and the animal haters are the social deviants.
  13. :yes:

    Nobody in the class challenged him? Cant believe it!
    He should be torn to pieces for his absurd theory!
  14. What an idiot! LOL Whatever you 'learn' in his class, make sure you quickly forget it once final grades are in! ;)
  15. While the prof's comment was certainly silly, I think he phrased it in a way to give himself an "out" persay. He said "too closely" - who's to say what "too closely" is? I mean, I think we'd agree that there is such a thing as being socially deviant and too close to one's pets (think Lenny and his rabbits if you're familiar with Of Mice and Men), but loving one's animals certainly isn't the same thing. If your attachment to animals is keeping you from relating to or empathizing with people, then maybe there's an issue, but I wouldn't think that there's anything wrong with simply caring for a pet.