My lovely PRADA pink bow clutch

  1. well,

    i have been looking for this novelty bow clutch for ages,

    however it was sold out everywhere in the U.K.

    luckily, i saw 3 pink bow bags in Harrods today,

    and they said that they got them from somewhere in the east europe.

    i love it so much, i just bought them all

    prada pink bow bags 3.jpg
  2. i love pink !!!

    prada pink bow bag.jpg
  3. and i prefer to hold this like a clutch without the strap
  4. actually,

    i am not a prada fan,

    i only got 2 pradas before,

    but this bow clutch is definitely an exception

  5. Oh my gosh, congrats !

    Why 3 ? One to keep pristine in storage, and the other two to carry at the same time ? :graucho:

  6. because i know my firend always wants one as well,

    so i got one for her,

    the extra one,

    i don't know,

    i will probably sell it


    i know i am crazy,

    i just could not help.

    they were so cute on the display

  7. I would totally buy your extra one!!!

  8. i am very glad to hear that u like the bag

  9. celebs' pic with it

    nice, isn't it?

  10. without the strap

  11. Kristin Davis

    I Love Her A Lot More Than Sjp
  12. the ads

  13. love it....congrats:tup:
  14. wow...congrats!
  15. you bought all 3 of the same clutch??