My lovely new Matelasse Clutch!

  1. I fell in love with this bag when I saw it at Barneys, but couldn't bring myself to pay almost 1K for a clutch. I got this one for less than half retail on eBay and it was most definitely worth it! :heart:

    It's really pretty, and the size and depth make it an excellent day clutch, which I love. I think the day clutch is going to be huge this fall and winter. At the same time, I wore took it out to the opera on Friday night and it felt very at home there too (but the quilting requires the right outfit, I think).

    The pictures show it next to a smallish hardcover book, for reference. It easily holds my Money wallet, iPod, cell phone, keys and coin purse (containing a lipstick, perfume atomiser, nail file, comb and Purell). I could also stick my sunglasses in there if I really wanted to.

    My only complaint is that the front zipper is useless. I forgot they weren't functional on the Matelasse bags and it kind of drives me nuts, because I usually put my cell and keys there in my regular moto bags.



    Matelasse Clutch 1.jpg Matelasse Clutch 2.jpg Matelasse Clutch 3.jpg
  2. cute!!!!
  3. love it! can we get a modeling picture? i really don't understand why they would put a zipper there if it is nonfunctional. enjoy your cutie clutch!
  4. Oh Cheshire! How gorgeous! The quilting is really beautiful and I love how many things it fits! Congrats!
  5. Such a lovely clutch. :tup: Congrats.
  6. so cute... Ive been curious about this accessory!
  7. Congrats Chesire- I think its GORGEOUS!!
  8. How cute!!!!:cutesy:

    I'd love to see some modeling pics, please!!
  9. Great clutch! Thanks for showing the detail shots - I think it is lovely!
  10. Very lovely clutch! Would love to see modelling pics :flowers:
  11. Congrats...such a cute clutch.....enjoy her with gd health~
  12. Chesire - it's so elegant! Congrats!!
  13. It's so cute! And what a great deal you got! Congrats:yahoo:
  14. LOVE that clutch!!! Stunning!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  15. very cute, congrats! :biggrin: