My Lovely LV Collection =)

  1. cute video but it didn't go all the way for me stopped after a minute (maybe)
  2. OOhhh! Loved the video! SO CUTE! You have a great collection! I love the black epi bag!
  3. look at you, making a video about your collection- fabulous!
    I enjoyed it very much!
  4. Thanks, glad you enjoyed my video - it shows from my MC Rift to my Epi Montaigne Clutch - its in the order of what I got in my Collection, from August 2006 to March 2007 :tender:
  5. Love the video and your collection. Congrats:yahoo:
  6. That's a very nice video and a very nice collection! Love your bandeaus! What's the name of the one that's not multicolor?
  7. I believe its a Champs Bandeau - in Pink. It also came in Blue. Thanks :smile:
  8. well done, your video is great.
  9. Great video. Fabulous work.
  10. AW THATS SO AWESOME! i love that song and your bags! now i want an MC cles!!
  11. Oh Thanks, I love the song also, it seemed so perfect to use for the video. the right length. :yes:
  12. Love it- how cute
  13. It was so much fun to watch your video! Thanks for sharing it, and nice collection!
  14. Too cute! I enjoyed it! I like your collection!