My Lovely Dior Collection

  1. Hey everyone!

    I have been around here for a few weeks now and I think its about time to show off my beloved Dior Collection :yahoo:


    btw - I really would like to add a black logo saddle bag to my collection. :yes:
  2. it's so beautiful!!! well done!
  3. and you will one day ! i am keeping my eyes open for you ! and then your colelction will be even lovelier ! :yahoo:
  4. thanks wild rose & Natalie

    I have seen a few blue logo saddles flying around but not black (unless they are dirty knock offs)

    I am also comtemplating on getting a black lovely mini boston.

    Also the denium flight bag or saddle is on my list.
  5. Very nice, I so love the romantique. They are so pretty :drool:
  6. lovely indeed =) you've got gorgeous bags!
  7. Oh... another monogram maniac! ;)

    Nice collection, LaMissy. Congrats.
  8. Wow, beautiful collection !
    I love them all. :]
  9. thanks moonballon I'm hoping to explore Dior and add a few more non logo's :yes: but I still would love the logo saddle :drool:

    thanks foxtqt
  10. Thanks Sarina - its only the beginning :graucho:

    Yes chic that was my very first Dior the SA was so praising the limited edition romantique so I decided to take it.
  11. wow, nice! great collection
  12. very nice! is that a chocolate or black mini gaucho =D
  13. beautiful collection - very nice! ;)
  14. thank you - its the black mini :love::love:

    Thanks oranGetRee & kopibaby - Im looking to expand so hopefully I will have more dior bags soon :yahoo::yahoo:
  15. LOL! This is ONLY the beginning! Worddddd. me toooooooooo! :love:


    My first & only Dior is the Romantique Trotter Large Zip bag :heart: