My lovely day of shopping (with SA inside scoop!!!)

  1. This weekend I treated myself to a day on Bloor St...*sigh* I must say that it's my favorite activity that should be done once (if not twice) a month...there's nothin' better than grabbin' a starbucks non-fat chai tea latte , totin' my trevi, and puttin' my hands on a couple of gorgeous bags.

    Of course I stopped into LV and saw my fav SA - it was such a blast! We chatted for about 45 minutes, rifled through the ready-to-wear section (which, by the way, had a super cute skirt w/ which even SHE pulled a face when she saw the $1.7K price tag), and gabbed about her up-coming wedding.

    Okay okay - so here's what I heard:

    Zippy Coin Purse
    - No plans for it to come in damier (sorry vuittonamour!) or any other styles except for epi in black and, and I forget when it's coming out

    Damier Neverfull
    - It's a-comin' in Fall 2008, so for anyone :heart:'ing the damier, that's exciting!

    - Apparently everything's coming through in purple. Two shades - a lighter and a darker shade, so we'll see that transitioning more and more (you can already see it in some of the stuff on the floor now).

    Hmmm...I'm trying to think of the other scoop, but I can't remember anymore. They also had some new show bags on display which were supposed to be an hommage to the style of the old trunks with lines going through the monogram design (I forget what it was called). I took a pic on my camera phone though and attached it (it's a tad fuzzy though!). I wasn't a huge fan of it, and my SA agreed that it was a bit meh...I did see the new vernis cosmetic cases in red and purple, and was super tempted to purchase it...but decided to save my $300 to put towards a bag or an accessory I absolutely adored.

    I think that's pretty much all the scoop I can remember (sorry if it's old news for you guys). On another note, I was browsing in Gucci, and one of the SA's was smitten with my trevi going on about how beautiful and elegant it was, and said "Either you just got it yesterday or it's well-preserved." I told him I'd been using it everyday since October and he said "Then you must take good care of it." I couldn't resist and said "Maybe it's because it's a well-made bag." (1/2 taking a shot at Gucci:devil:, and 1/2 saying the truth:yes:)

    I've also attached this gorgeous white jacket/skirt ensemble from the RTW line...yummy...hope you enjoy!
    ShowBag.JPG RTW.JPG
  2. Thanks for the pic and info! Sounds like you had a blast! I've been to the Bloor St. boutique once when I was visiting TO.
  3. mmmmm starbucks! Thanks for the scoop! You are awesome :biggrin:
  4. I love the outfit that you posted :nuts: Thanks :yahoo:
  5. glad you had a great day...and DARN about the zippy purse! lol. i will want an epi bag this year so the epi coin purse might be a possibility...know when it may be coming? otherwise i have SOMEWHAT settled (since i'd still want the zippy in damier) on a MC zippy agenda. it's the same thing, just less compartments. i'll buy wallet "flips" to help with that problem. :sad: maybe it will come out at some point...
  6. Thanks for the info! ;)
  7. sweet, thanks for the info! love the pics!
  8. awww, no probs...

    OH! I almost forgot the best part! My SA was like "you like show bags, right?" and we were talking about the watercolors, and all the bags from the latest fashion show. She said they were going to have a showing of them and said she'd send me an invite (which just sent me over the moon!!!!)

    Sooo, hopefully whenever they have the event she actually ends up inviting me (you KNOW i'll be posting on tpf if/when i get it!) which will be my first LV invitation!!!:jammin:

    i want to say epi will be coming in the summer, but i have no idea...sometime this year though, i'd say (haha, sucks since we're still in January!:rolleyes:)
  9. ************More Info************

    Ugh, I can't figure out the edit button....but I almost forgot - she said that epi was coming in more colors...i think in the 2 purples i was talking about earlier, and that they were discontinuing the brown epi (i think the canelle).
  10. ~Darn it...I was hoping the zippy coin purse will come in Damier. Oh well, one day....Thanx for the scoop:tup:~
  11. love the bloor st. boutique. i was just there on friday.
  12. That is my absolute favorite Louis Vuitton store!
  13. thanks for the scoop ... too bad about the zippy coin not coming out in damier ... I'd love it in azur actually!
  14. ^^ which reminds me...

    ***MORE INFO PART 2*** --> The hampstead is coming out in azur!
  15. Oooh, thanks for sharing!