My lovely contribution to VIOLET!

  1. :heart:Giant Silver Part time:heart:

    I absolutely LOVE her! The leather is soft, smooshy, and thick. I've had two older bags (05's) so I can kind of compare it against them.... It's almost as soft but VERY close to the older bags, and the leather is definitely thicker on the new bag. This color is gorgeous, so now I just need to wait for some marigold accessories:graucho:

    This is my first with the giant hardware. I really wasn't sure about this style, but the color combination of silver and purple is so striking!! I'm still going through tassel withdrawal, so I took the tassel from the mirror and tied it to the front zipper. :p
    P8140040.JPG P8140035.JPG P8140036.JPG P8140029.JPG P8140037.JPG
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    P8140033.JPG P8140032.JPG
  3. congrats! so gorgeous! i am really loving the violet with the silver HW.
  4. Gorgeous!!
  5. Oh that combination is just amazing! Congratulations on your beautiful handbag!!

    I wish you well,

  6. i love it !!Congratssss !!!! It's a beautiful bag !! :heart::nuts::heart:
  7. Wonderful pics! Congratulations, it is lovely!
  8. It's gorgeous! :nuts:And I love it in the PT style......CONGRATS!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  9. :drool: Purple and silver are made together :heart:

  10. Congrats :yahoo:It is gorgeous with the SH.:tup:
  11. OMG!!!!!!! It's so gorgeous!!!!!:heart: I love everything about it!:love::love::love: The color, hardware and I love the PT style!!!! :yahoo:Enjoy and congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  12. Congratulations it is gorgeous. Love the tassel idea too!!!
  13. CONGRATS! the violet SGH combo in the PT is gorgeous! enjoy!
  14. Congrats!! The color is so beautiful and the leather looks thick and smooshy. I love that you tied a tassel on. That's a cute idea!
  15. Just gorgeous