My lovely collection~~they are just so cute~~

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  1. I don't have a lot, but my collection just what I want, I love them forever~~

    1. Gucci, DIOR, LV keepall 45, Patrick Cox, LV denim pleaty, Burberry
    2. Balenciaga city (white, gray, brown, grenat)
    3. LV mini monogram mini noe
    4. MiuMiu
    5. Marc Jacobs stam bag family

    Attached Files:

  2. lovely B bags! :yes:
  3. Great collection! Love the miu miu:love:
  4. great collection, love the bbags!
  5. Love your BBags, too!:love:Congrats!:yes:
  6. What a great collection!
  7. your collection has most of the things i want !

    the keepall
    the white city
    the mini stam
    oh i love your whole collection !
  8. Love your stams! :smile:
  9. OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE your entire collection! The MJ stams are my fav and that MUI MUI is TDF!:yes:
  10. Great bags MC beauty!!
  11. I like that little blue burberry!
  12. The grey stam is the nicest stam I have ever seen!!! Never really been a fan of stams, but love tht one!!!
  13. love your stams! you have a great collection going on haha, keep it up!
  14. nice collection!!
    love them cities:heart:
  15. Very nice collection! But OMG, those place mats (in the 3rd pic)...where did you get them from? I saw them last weekend at a restaurant and thought they were soooo cute!